Values & Beliefs

  • I am Enfield I own my position on the team
  • I am accountable for my continuous development A better me is a better Enfield
  • I have integrity It’s what I do when no one’s watching
  • I keep everyone informed Communicate, communicate, communicate
  • I make responsible decisions Timely, educated and cost effective
  • We expect to be our customers’ best service provider No matter what business we are in
  • We deliver results Period
  • We believe in balanced lives Family, business, community
  • We create a positive work environment We recognize and celebrate good stuff
  • We promote fun and laughter on a daily basis So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice!

Job Descriptions


Enfiled provides a full benefits package for our staff including:
  • Vacation and Sick Leave
  • Paid Holidays
  • Educational Assistance
  • Community Service Events
  • Company Social Events

Contact Us

If you are interested in a position at Enfield Automation, please contact us /or send your resume to us.