Consulting Services

Enfield Consulting Partnerships

Enfiled has over 35 years of experience in the built environment ‒ engineering and designing building control, energy management, and other facility systems. We pride ourselves in our ability to truly partner with clients, providing consulting and design services. We know no two buildings are exactly alike. Given occupancy, space utilization, and other considerations, even buildings with the exact same footprint and floorplans may operate significantly different from each other. By acting as a consultant, Enfiled provides expert advice on how best to design and operate your building systems for their intended purposes and environment. Consulting with Enfiled will save you money and time by identifying value engineering opportunities and ensuring there are no overlaps and/or gaps in scope between trades.  We can also ensure the most current technologies are utilized correctly in your space to maximize the occupant experience.

Enfiled is ready to become an integral part of your project team by assisting in the completion and detailing of control scope to maximize both budget and value. By consulting with Enfiled early on in your project, we can make recommendations that minimize the amount of RFIs generated.  Additionally, if we are brought in during the design process, we can identify opportunities for innovative design approaches that will future proof your system, increase performance, reduce cost, and minimize risks.

At Enfiled, our goal is to build long-term relationships with our mutual customers by working together with the design team to provide the information needed to make informed decisions to ensure successful project outcomes.