Our Partners

The Enfield line of products represents the best-in-class of building automation and controls solutions, allowing for complete control and interoperability of your facility systems all while keeping an eye on the bottom line. Our partners include Alerton, Delta Controls, Phoenix Controls, SkyFoundry, BrainBox AI, Aircuity, Blue Ridge Technologies, Belimo, Tridium, Roby, Nomad Go and the S4Group.

ATS is the only Authorized Alerton dealer in the Pacific Northwest that has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your facilities are operating as intended while being as energy efficient as possible. Whether your facility is running Alerton’s latest product line Ascent, the industry-defining Envision for BACtalk, or you are looking to upgrade your IBEX system,  Enfield has you covered.

In addition, ATS has nearly two decades of integration experience using BACnet, Modbus, and Tridium. In most cases, if you have an older legacy system such as JCI, Siemens, Automated Logic, Distech, or others, ATS can re-use your existing zone controllers and upgrade your platform to the latest Alerton, Delta Controls or Tridium system at a cost-effective price – adding value and efficiency to your current energy management investment.

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Alerton is a pioneer and an industry leader in providing building management solutions for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment for all types and sizes of buildings. More Alerton simplifies building management by integrating fire, life safety, lighting, access management and other building systems. Alerton’s product line, Ascent, features Compass, the latest in Alerton’s long line of powerful, but easy-to-use BACnet based building management software solutions allowing building owners and operators to monitor and control their facilities from anywhere, at any time.

For more than three decades, Delta Controls has provided dependable and user-friendly building control solutions to commercial, healthcare, education, leisure buildings, and more. Delta Controls has been instrumental in the development and evolution of the BACnet™ open-protocol (now the most common protocol in the industry). Delta is a leading innovator of Smart Building Solutions and IoT integration.

SkySpark by SkyFoundry is analytics software that automatically analyzes building, energy, and savings. SkySpark data can also be integrated into user friendly dashboards for additional analysis. SkySpark helps facility owners and operators find what matters in the vast amount of data produced by today’s smart systems

BrainBox AI’s autonomous AI HVAC technology studies how your building operates and analyses the external factors impacting it, identifies every potential improvement opportunity and then acts on it.

It requires no human intervention and reacts to changes in the built environment immediately to ensure the highest tenant comfort and energy efficiency, at all times.

Nomad Go provides a comprehensive AI computer vision platform to measure and manage building occupancy, reduce energy costs and energy-related carbon emissions, and make spaces healthier and more efficient. Traditional heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems currently contribute to a high percentage of the overall energy consumption and greenhouse emissions generated from buildings worldwide. These systems are highly inefficient due to one key factor: there is no way to accurately count the occupancy of a building, zone or room.

Roby is an AI service hub for the next generation of smart buildings and offices. Roby learns from employees’ feedback to take predictive actions that resolve complaints, handle requests and ensure employees’ comfort and satisfaction.Roby connects with existing technology including support ticketing systems, HVAC and lighting to create a truly smart office experience. Using the HVAC add-on, users can have their hot and cold complaints resolved immediately by directly messaging Roby at any time — day or night.