Damper Tree
(10″ 6″)


Simply add a Damper Tree to an existing heating and cooling system, you will have a self-learning and easy to use room-based climate control. This way you cut down energy costs and much more.

Motorized round HVAC damper
Presence-based heating & cooling
Each room always at the right temperature
For individual heating schedules
Easy Damper Control Installation

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Power Consumption: 0.2W, max. 2.3W (when motor is driving)
Temperature Range: 32 – 131°F / 0 – 55°C
Power Supply: 15 – 30VDC SELV
Diameter: 6″, 7″, 8″, 10″ available (other sizes by request)
Connection: Wire Diameter: 0.25…0.8mm² / AWG18…AWG23
Exposed Wire Length: 5mm / 13 / 64”
Indication LED:
  • Red Flashing Quickly: no Tree communication possible, check wiring
  • Orange Flashing Quickly: Tree device was detected, but not learnt in
  • Green 3 short flashes: Device learnt in, communication ok
  • Red Flashing: Online, Damper >75% open
  • Orange Flashing: Online, Damper between 25…75%
  • Green Flashing: Online, Damper <25% open
  • Steady Red Light: There is the problem with the Damper, please check if the damper is free to move.
Available Sizes: Available in 6″, 7″, 8″, & 10″. Custom sizes also available through request.
Documentation: Damper Tree & HVAC Setup

10", 6"


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(10″ 6″)”

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