Service Program

The goal of all Enfiled service agreements is to ensure your facility equipment runs as efficiently as possible — for as long as possible.

One of the most cost-effective investments you can make for your facility is a service agreement that keeps your building automation and related systems up-to-date and running efficiently as possible. A support agreement with Enfield keeps your facility systems working at peak effectiveness though an array of services designed to meet the needs of your staff and facility.

The benefits of a service agreement with Enfiled include:

  • Proactive hands-on inspection and calibration of controllers, programming and other system components
  • Designated engineers that are experts in your facility’s systems
  • Significantly lessen the need for reactive maintenance measures
  • Ensure building equipment & assets maintain their integrity, reducing the need for component replacements
  • Confidence that your BAS will continue running efficiently and as designed well into the future
  • Access to the latest software & hardware updates
  • Preferred parts pricing & hourly rates
  • Disaster mitigation/prevention through regular system backups
  • Priority response time for emergency service

Service Agreement

A service agreement with Enfield compliments your staff’s already extensive building knowledge by focusing on specific programming and pieces of equipment that they likely do not have time to address. Throughout the life of a building, setpoint and sequence modifications, manual system overrides, tenant activity, deferred maintenance, and space-use changes all lead to operational drift within the building automation system and ultimately to inefficient building performance. By partnering with Enfield, you will ensure your system software and hardware is kept up-to-date, your facility staff is supported with pre-season inspections and maintenance, and that you will get the most from your buildings’ systems.

Services Offered

Service agreements with Enfield are completely customizable and based on the needs of your building and facility staff. Depending on your needs, services may include:

  • Building Control System Database Protection
  • Building Control System Analysis
  • DDC Data Communication Performance Optimization
  • Flex-Hours Support
  • Critical Spare Control Components Inventory
  • Annual Spare Parts Allotment
  • Air Handler Performance Testing
  • Chiller/Chilled Water System Performance Testing
  • Boiler/Hot Water System Performance Testing
  • Energy Services (faclityCARE, energyOptimization, etc)
  • On-Site Informal Operator Training/Software Consultation
  • Formal Classroom Alerton Factory Certified Training

Enfield Support Agreements and regular visits from an Enfield technician can help head off emergency calls before they happen. Computer performance, network speed, and sensor accuracy are just a few of the items that can benefit from regular maintenance. For more information contact our service department today.

Operational Technology

Operational technology (OT) is the backbone of modern facilities. OT consists of the hardware and software used to keep buildings operating safely and smoothly. One of the primary pieces of OT hardware and software is the building management system’s (BMS) dedicated server and software running the systems in a facility. This hardware and software require maintenance like any other computer system. OT services from Enfield are designed to keep your facility’s critical systems functioning at peak operating performance and to save your facilities staff time allowing them to focus on more important facility concerns.

Operational Technology Services:


A low-cost way to ensure your BMS server is healthy, optimized, and up to date with the latest software and security patches.